Boxing Betting Offers – Enhanced Odds, Free Bets, Money Back Offers and Bonuses for the Biggest Boxing and UFC Fights

Boxing has been around in some form or other almost as long as humanity itself. When it all started, it hardly stuck to the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, but you can be fairly certain even the earliest organised fights from Ancient Greece and even earlier attracted people betting on the outcome.

Nowadays boxing – and indeed betting on boxing – is big business. As, increasingly, is the more recent phenomenon of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts organisation).

As such, the bookies have started to come up with some very nice betting offers for the biggest fights in both boxing and UFC … or indeed when the two combat sports meet as in the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on 26th August 2017 – see below for a great enhanced odds offer for the fight! How does BetVictor’s 100/1 McGregor offer sound for starters?!

Here we bring you the best boxing betting offers and previews ahead of the next big fight. Check out what’s on offer. Plus read on below for a little information about the types of boxing bets you can place.

100/1 Conor McGregor BetVictor Offer – Enhanced Odds 100/1 on McGregor – New Customers

The biggest betting offer to pop up for the Mayweather v McGregor fight thus far is the BetVictor 100/1 Enhanced Odds offer on McGregor to beat Mayweather.

This offer is open to NEW BETVICTOR CUSTOMERS ONLY, it has a maximum stake of £1.00 and the winnings are paid in bonus funds. Note that you also need to deposit a minimum of £5 when you join the bookie and you should opt in to the offer on the promotions page.

While most pundits expect Mayweather to triumph, other such as Carl Froch think a shock could be on the cards, and one big punch from McGregor could end it, and getting odds of 100/1 on that happening looks like unbelievable value to us!

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor Ladbrokes Offer – Enhanced Odds 33/1 McGregor – New Customers

Considering your options for the big fight? If you think the MMA master can get the better of the boxing maestro, Ladbrokes are offering tasty odds of 33/1 on Conor McGregor to win the bout.

As with most enhanced odds offers, this is open to new customers only. The maximum bet is £1.00 and the winnings are paid out in free bets.

But this is a great option if you want to double up, i.e. back McGregor with one bookie and back Mayweather with another.

Given that a draw seems as unlikely as an alien invasion, this will give you the chance to make money whatever the outcome.

Coral – Enhanced Odds 25/1 on Mayweather to beat McGregor – New Customers

Mayweather v McGregor Enhanced Odds Betting Offers

While many of the enhanced odds offers for the Mayweather v McGregor fight focus on the underdog (the bookies aren’t silly!), Coral are going out on a limb by offering enhanced odds of 25/1 on the favourite Mayweather to win the fight.

As with most of these offers, it is open to new customers only, has a maximum bet of £1.00 and the winnings are paid out in free bets. Note you must deposit a minimum of £5.00 when you join Coral. Check out their betting site for the full terms and conditions.

This is a great offer if you want to hedge your bets after taking one or more of the McGregor offers above, or indeed if you simply believe that the better boxer will prevail!

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor Betfair Offer – Enhanced Odds 20/1 Mayweather or 40/1 McGregor – New Customers

This could be the fight of the century… or it could be a massive embarrassment to one or other man. Either way, the Mayweather v McGregor clash promises to be quite a spectacle, and whether you think the boxing legend or the UFC superchamp will prevail, you can get fantastic enhanced odds when you join Betfair.

You can claim odds of 20/1 on Mayweather to win or 40/1 on McGregor to win.

The maximum bet is £1.00 and the winnings are paid out in free bets. This could be a great option if you plan to juggle your bets on the fight to hedge your bets or to sure up your instincts in order to maximise your profits and minimise your risk!

What Boxing Bets Can I Place?

As with most major sports these days, there are literally hundreds of different betting markets offered by the top bookies that you can choose from. We won’t go through them all, but here are the main boxing (and UFC) betting markets.

  • Winner – This is the most popular market and is simply a bet on which of the two fighters will win the bout – or indeed whether it will end in a (rare) draw. The method of victory is not important, it can be by knockout, on points, by disqualification or anything else, the important thing is simply which fighter is declared the winner at the end of the fight.
  • Method of Victory – Often you will find that boxing or UFC fights are very one-sided in the ‘winner’ market so it can pay to look elsewhere to get better odds. The ‘method of victory’ market is a popular alternative to the main ‘winner’ market and allows the punter to pick the fighter they think will win coupled with the method of that win, either KO, TKO, on points, by disqualification or some combination of those. You can often also just pick the method of victory without stating which fighter you think will win, obviously at reduced odds.
  • Round Betting – The ‘round betting’ market can offer some great odds by allowing you to pick in which round your chosen fighter will triumph.
  • Round Group Betting – As above, but here the rounds are grouped (e.g. rounds 4-7 or 8-11 or whatever) to give you a better chance of success, but at reduced odds.
  • Total Rounds – Here you are betting not on which fighter will win but just how long the fight will go on for. These bets are splits into different over/under categories, e.g. over 3.5 rounds (four or more rounds) or under 3.5 rounds (three rounds or fewer).
  • To Be Knocked Down – You can bet on either one of the fighters (or indeed both) to be knocked down at some point during the fight.
  • To Go The Distance – A simple bet on whether or not the fight will go the distance.

What are the different Boxing Weight Classes?

In professional boxing there are 18 recognised weight classes, and though some of these vary between the various sanctioning bodies, most are agreed upon as follows, with the maximum weight limit in kilograms – we’re using the classes as defined by the World Boxing Association (WBA):

  • Heavyweight – Unlimited
  • Cruiserweight – 90.72 kg
  • Light Heavyweight – 79.38 kg
  • Super Middleweight – 76.2 kg
  • Middleweight – 72.57 kg
  • Super Welterweight – 69.85 kg
  • Welterweight – 66.68 kg
  • Super Lightweight – 63.5 kg
  • Lightweight – 61.23 kg
  • Super Featherweight – 58.97 kg
  • Featherweight – 57.15 kg
  • Super Bantamweight – 55.34 kg
  • Bantamweight – 53.52 kg
  • Super Flyweight – 52.16 kg
  • Flyweight – 50.8 kg
  • Light Flyweight – 48.99 kg
  • Minimumweight – 47.63 kg
  • Light Minimumweight – 46.27 kg

When you are betting on boxing or UFC it’s very important to do your homework. Seeking out the betting value is the best way to earn a profit. Of course, using the best free bet offers can help skew the odds in your favour too!