General Election Enhanced Odds Offers: 20/1 on Conservatives winning most seats and 20/1 on Theresa May remaining as Prime Minister – 8 June 2017

The UK General Election takes place on Thursday 8th June 2017, and though the polls have closed in recent days, it still looks as though the Conservatives are going to stroll back into power.

General Election 2017 Betting Offers Coral 20/1 Conservatives

If – like us – this prospect fills you will dread, you could at least find solace by winning some money from the outcome with one (or both) of the following enhanced odds betting offers:

  1. 20/1 on Conservatives to win the most seats with Coral
  2. 20/1 on Theresa May to remain as Prime Minister with Ladbrokes

Both offers are open to NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY and each carries a maximum bet of £1.00. The winnings are paid in free bets. Please see the full terms and conditions on the respective betting site.

So if you thin the Tories will get the victory, you could pocket £40 in free bets by risking just £2.00 of your own cash!

While that won’t save our NHS and schools, it might just soften the blow a tiny little bit. Of course, if you are a Tory voter, you might scoff as such small stakes, in which case check out the £200 Bet365 deposit bonus!

Who will win the UK General Election in 2017?

Ladbrokes Theresa May Betting Offer 20/1 Enhanced Odds

When Prime Minister Theresa May called a General Election the Conservatives had a lead in the polls of between 19% and 24%. Political pundits, the press and the Tories themselves thought it would be a walk in the park and that the outcome would be a massive Tory landslide victory.

Things have changed a little since then.
The latest opinion poll – conducted by Survation on 3rd June – put the Tories on 40% but Labour way up on 39%. Many had assumed that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t stand a chance of closing the gap and that his campaign would be ineffectual, while May’s would be ‘strong and stable’. The opposite has been the case, however.

The more the public see of Corbyn, the more they are seeming to warm to him and his policies that aim to help the many not the few.

In contrast, every time May appears on a debate or TV in general, she appears wooden and lacking in conviction.

Of course, there is still a gap between the parties if the average of the polls are taking into consideration, and anyway, after the pollsters got things so wrong in 2015, not to mention over Brexit and Donald Trump, we should really take them with a pinch of salt.

Here are five reasons why we think the Conservatives will win the General Election and why Theresa May will be returned as Prime Minister of the UK.

Five reasons the Conservatives will win the 2017 General Election

  1. Unassailable Lead – While the lead in the polls has closed, most still predict a sizeable lead for the Tories. Will it looks as though it won’t be a landslide, anything other than a Tory win would be a bigger shock than Brexit or Trump!
  2. SNP Strength – Labour’s only realistic chance of winnings an overall majority would be if they won back a raft of seats in Scotland. This is simply not on the cards as the SNP are far too popular north of the border.
  3. UKIP Collapse – Now we’ve voted to leave the EU, vast swathes of UKIP supporters have deserted their party, and though some are switching back to Labour, most appear to be siding with Theresa May and her hard Brexit vision.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn – Though people have warmed to JC a little and his policies are undoubtedly popular, there are still many, many people who think he hasn’t got what it takes to lead the country. This might be in part down to the media bias that has existed, a narrative that started as soon as he become Labour leader, but the fact remains, too many people simply will not vote for Labour while he’s in charge.
  5. Money Talks – Anything other than a Tory win would be bad for the rich given that Labour would increase taxes on big business and high earners. Given that much of the countries power (and influence) rests in the hands of the rich, every string will be pulled to ensure that Labour, frankly, don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning.

As such, taking advantage of the Coral 20/1 offer on the most seats for the Tories, or the Ladbrokes 20/1 offer on Theresa May staying as PM should certainly pay dividends.

General Election 2017 Betting Odds

Here are some selected betting odds to give you an idea about how the bookies see things going:

  • Conservatives to win most seats – 1/9 with William Hill
  • Labour to win most seats – 7/1 with Betfair
  • Theresa May to be Prime Minister after the General Election – 2/9 with Ladbrokes
  • Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister after the General Election – 7/1 with Betfair
  • Conservative Majority – 2/9 with Betfair
  • Labour Majority – 18/1 with Betfair

In short, though the polls and the odds are getting closer, there is no doubt that the Tories are the overwhelming favourites to remain in power after the election. We’re hoping the bookies and the pollsters have got it very wrong… but realistically it’s looking like the blues will be celebrating on Friday morning.