If you thought your BTTS acca at 80/1 was a great bet, check out the 10 crazy bets below that defied logic, sanity and most certainly the odds! In no particular order we present 10 of the best bets ever made, at odds to make the bookies wince!

1 – Unknown Roger

Back in 2003, Nick Newlife, an Oxfordshire man, had a feeling that an unheard of tennis player, a certain Roger Federer, would storm to success. He placed a £1,520 wager that Federer would win seven Wimbledon titles by the year of 2019. After Newlife’s death in 2009, the wager was passed on to Oxfam, who claimed a very cool £101,840 in winnings when the Swiss delivered in 2012!

2 – £40 to £117,000

Back in 2010, an anonymous bettor won £117,000 from a £40 bet. Due to most UK games being cancelled due to heavy rain, he decided to bet across various big European club games which featured wins for AC Milan, Barcelona, Porto and more. He managed to guess 14 results correctly, and left a rich man. Who ever knew rain could be so profitable!

3 – £272K Ladbrokes Payout

A nine way accumulator transformed £2.50 into £272,529.60 when a punter placed a bet which included Barcelona drawing to Bilbao, and Blackburn beating Liverpool. Good skills!

4 – The Alonso Dream

In 2006, Adrian Hayward awoke from a dream that then Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso would score from inside his own half at some point that season. He put down £200 at odds of 125-1 that day. When Alonso did what he did in the video below, Mr Hayward cashed in a cool £25,000. Sweet dreams indeed!

5 – Bitten

Betsson gave odds of 175-1 that, at some point during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Luis Suarez would bite someone. 167 people bet on Suarez doing so. Most of the payouts were under a grand, but there was one person luckier than most, winning $3,000 from Suarez’s reasonably predictable moment of madness.

6 – Mali’s Comeback

In the 2010 African Cup of Nations Mali were 4-0 down against the host nation Angola, and with just 11 minutes to play the odds on the draw were a huge 1,000/1, but someone risked £5 on what turned out to be one of the best bets of all time. The 4-4 final score won him £5,000

More famously, a naïve student thought he was on to a total banker by backing Angola, risking his entire student loan of more than £4,000, just to try and win a meagre £40! Two late goals and another two in stoppage time made his attempt to grab a “free” night out one of the worst bets around, this game proving that bets can win – and lose – at ANY odds.

7 – Seven Race Frankie

Dettori’s greatest achievement came in 1996, when he famously won all seven races at Ascot so this had to be lucky number seven on our list. It was an even better day for a man named Darren Yeats, who bet £59 at odds of 25,000/1, earning him a rather sizable £550,823!

8 – £1million For 50p

When Fred Cragg put a 50p stake on an eight horse accumulator in 2008, he really did make his own fortune. He beat the odds of more than 2,000,000/1 and received the best 60th birthday present ever!

9 – Grandad Bets On Toddler

In October 2013, a grandfather won big after Harry Wilson finally took to the field. When the boy was just a toddler, Peter Edwards bet £50 that his grandson would play for the Welsh national football team. He was given the odds of 2,500/1. Skip forward to 2013 – Wales v Belgium. Edwards’ £50 punt became an eye-watering £125,000. Mind you, with Wilson now looking well set for a solid career in the Premier League, what’s £125k eh?

10 – Mick’s Miracle

Mick Gibbs, a Manchester United fan from Staffordshire placed a 30p stake on a 15 event accumulator at the start of the season that won with record breaking odds of 1,666,666/1. He won a massive jackpot of £500,000. Should’ve put few more quid on it…

You might not be able to land a winning bet at crazy odds like these but check out all of our best free bets to put the odds in your favour come what may!