How to bet on fantasy football with one day or daily fantasy football games on the Premier League, Champions League and more

Most people with even a passing interesting in football will be aware of the season-long fantasy football competitions that are available to enter, many with enticing prizes for the winners. But if you don’t want to wait a whole season – and expend a whole lot of time and brain cells – getting your fantasy football kick, but you also want to have a great chance of actually making money from it, Daily Fantasy Football (also known as One Day Fantasy Football) could be just the ticket.

Here we will explain what Daily Fantasy Football is, the types of games that are available and the bonuses that might give you a head start as you try to make money from betting on fantasy football.

What is Daily Fantasy Football or One Day Fantasy Football?

Whether it is termed Daily Fantasy Football, One Day Fantasy Football or even Weekly Fantasy Football, the premise of these games is the same: a limited time fantasy football game that allows you to pick a team that last for just that day (or gameweek in some games).

In this way, you are not stuck with a bad team as often happens in season-long fantasy football, and you can pick a completely different team from one week to the next… or indeed only play on weeks/days when you have the time available to pick a decent team, with no commitment to play every week.

How to play Daily Fantasy Football

Playing Daily or One Day Fantasy Football is very much like playing the season-long version in that you pick your players from those available, often having to adhere to a certain budget and being limited to a certain number of defenders, midfielders and attackers.

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Before that though you have to pick the specific game you want to enter (see Game Types below) which differ in terms of the entry fee (ranging from completely free to £100 or more), prize fund available (often running into the tens of thousands for the bigger games) and the number of people against whom you are competing (from simple head to head to large groups of people).

In essence, though, the concept is very simple: pick a game, pick a team, enter it and hope your players do the business!

For example, a particular Daily Fantasy Football game might be based upon four Premier League matches that are playing on a given day. You simply pick the team of players that you think will score highly over those four games and – depending on the game type you choose – you could be in for a bumper payday if your players deliver!

Daily Fantasy Football Game Types

As mentioned there are various options when it comes to the specifics of the Daily Fantasy Football games you choose to play. Here are the main options to consider:

  • Entry fee – There are plenty of freeroll options for those who want to try out One Day Fantasy Football games but still have the chance to win real cash. But to get the really big cash prizes, opting for games with an entry fee is the way to go, with entry fees to match all budgets from a quid or two up to £100 or more, with the prizes usually increasing in line with the entry fees.
  • Duration of Game – While often termed ‘Daily Fantasy Football’, some games will be based on games taking place over a whole weekend of fixtures, others for games (or a selection of games) on just a single day/evening.
  • Size of League – Games vary in size from a simple head to head contest in which there are two contestants and the winner takes all right up to large leagues in which the top 50% of players (based on the points they accrue) are in line for a cash prize, with the winner getting the most and the prize diminishing the further down the field you finish. There are also double up games (that allow you to double your money if you finish towards the top), guaranteed prize fund games, and satellite and qualifiers games that allow you to gain entry to big prize games.

Where can I play Daily Fantasy Football

There are a growing number of Daily Fantasy Football game providers popping up in the UK (where it is relatively new, though it is very popular in the United States) but the two who we feel are best placed to offer the best games, service and prize-to-entry fee ratio are DraftKings and MondoGoal, both of whom built their businesses up in the States offering daily fantasy sports games on the likes of NFL and NBA before branching out into football (or soccer as they no doubt prefer to call it!).

At present MondoGoal has a welcome bonus for new customers that comes in the form of a 200% bonus on your first deposit. The bonus is released gradually at a rate of 4%, effectively giving you a 4% bonus cashback on league buy-ins (for example you’ll be given £1.00 of bonus money for every £25 league buy-in you purchase).

DraftKings, meanwhile, offer new customers a 100% bonus of up to £400 on their first deposit as well as a FREE entry into a $3.00 daily fantasy football game.

Check out each of the sites for the full terms and conditions of the welcome offers and the rules of each of the games they offer. We recommend trying out some freeroll games before playing real money games so you can get the hang of things, then pick your game wisely and also bet within your means. Good luck!