What are Esports? How you can bet on them and free bets for Esports!

Esports betting is getting bigger and bigger. More and more great betting sites now offer betting on Esports and if you want to get involved we’ve got everything you need.

We’ll explain what Esports are for the total newcomer. We’ll also offer info on which are the best bookies for betting on e-sports. If you are interested in virtual sports as well, take a look at the difference between virtual sports and Esports.

We’ll explain how to bet on them, with tips to try and help you land some winners.

We’ll also bring you information on Esports free bets and betting offers.

In other words, if you want to bet on Esports, you’re in the right place!

E-sports Free Bets and Betting Offers

Offers and Promotions

Aside from free bets when you first join, many betting sites also offer further promos. We’ll highlight any for Esports whenever they are available. For now, check out this motivational video!

What are Esports?

OK, let’s start right at the beginning for those that have perhaps only vaguely heard of Esports. E-sports, also known as esports, eSports, pro gaming and a whole host of other terms, is essentially organised competitive video gaming.

For many over the age of 40, this may seem strange but e-sports is big business and is growing all the time. Video games (computer games for the over 40s!) as an industry are worth almost £4.5bn a year in the UK. More and more people are now playing competitively in organised competitions and the prizes can be huge.


The first computer game competition actually took place way back in 1972. There were various tournaments over the years since then but they were very different to what we are talking about here. Esports as we now know them date back to the late 1990s and prizes in those days remained relatively small. Now the amount of cash up for grabs is truly startling. Are you ready for this? The latest Dota 2 (a free multi-player online game) championship had a prize pool of more than $20m! The winning team won a very cool $9m!

With such huge cash in the industry in general and Esports competitions in particular, it’s no surprise to see different people trying to claim a slice of the action.

The best gamers in the world have sponsorship deals to rival top sports stars. Businesses and media outlets are keen to cash in on e-sports and more and more bookmakers offer e-sports betting.

With more than 250m people watching Esports it’s clear there is a massive interest. It is also predicted that the number of people watching, playing and betting on e-sports is set to keep on growing.

If you’re interested in video games or just want to bet on something a little bit different, getting involved now means you could get ahead of the game.

Esports Controversies

Just to give you a little more insight into the world of competitive gaming we thought we’d give you some info on issues around it. Strange as it may seem, performance-enhancing drugs have caused controversy within Esports.

If you thought it was only cyclists and Russians who looked to get an edge this way, you’d be wrong. Stimulants such as Ritalin, Selegiline and Adderall have been commonly used. A whole host of drugs are regularly taken by top Esports players. Anything that can improve reactions, concentration and stave off tiredness are all likely to have been tried.

This may be as simple as a cup of coffee or an energy drink but many are taking evermore complex and dangerous cocktails of both uppers and downers. In sport, and especially where there is money, people will always try and find any edge they can.

Of course, many may scoff at the idea that playing video games is even sport. This is another controversy within the world of competitive gaming. Many feel that as e-sports are played indoors and require little physical activity they are not a sport. However, darts and snooker are among traditional “sports” that similar in that regard. Increasingly the view is that eSports deserve their status as sports. The 2022 Asian Games is set to include e-sports alongside the usual events such as athletics, football and swimming. Will we see pro gaming at the Olympics?

Further controversies include the issue of player exploitation. Pro gaming is hugely popular in Asia, with that market the largest. It has been claimed that some Asian teams, notably in South Korea, have ill-treated players. Esports players are usually parts of teams, groups or organisations and some have reported low pay and long hours as being the norm within their teams.

Lastly there have been claims that teams have acted unethically by colluding with one another, even to the extent of match-fixing. As in any sport, this is something the governing bodies have sort to stamp out. Due to the online nature of Esports and the fact they are in their infancy, this seems likely to be an ongoing issue. Thankfully, however, it remains small and the more common controversy in this area tends to be more minor, with bad etiquette and verbal abuse the problems.

E-sports Betting

So, now you know what Esports are, why not have a bet? At any one time you can choose from a whole host of big tournaments in a variety of games.

Tournaments are huge events within the sport that take place in front of fans in large venues. They are streamed live and are either standalone competitions or part of conventions, conferences or series.

There are far too many leagues, tournaments and competitions to list but some of the biggest and most popular games and events are:

  • DOTA
  • Counter Strike
  • Starcraft
  • Call of Duty World League
  • FIFA
  • Halo Championship Series
  • The International (DOTA 2)

You can bet on a range of markets but by far the two most common are the outright winner and match bets. The former sees you back a team, group or player to win a given competition or league. The latter is a straight head to head between two teams or players where you are betting on who will win that individual match or contest.

Whatever you want to bet on, using a free bet gives you a better chance of winning. Check out all of our free bets for e-sports by clicking the button below.

Which are the best betting sites for Esports?

As we have mentioned, betting on e-sports is a growing area. Things change quickly and more and more bookmakers are offering odds on e-sports. Not all bookies will offer odds on all e-sports leagues and events.

However, we have found that in general 888sport are among the best overall.


888sport is the sports betting arm of the massive online betting giant 888 Holdings. They operate online poker, bingo and casino sites are so know all about the world of online betting and are another company quick to embrace new opportunities. They offer a range of the biggest e-sports events and tournaments and boast strong odds too. VISIT 888SPORT

How to choose who to back in Esports?

Picking winning bets is never easy. If you don’t know anything at all about e-sports, it may seem almost impossible to find an angle or any betting value. Of course, if you don’t know anything about e-sports, that’s probably true!

However, for those who love the world of pro gaming or who are prepared to punt in time and effort to learn, there are some great opportunities. Betting on e-sports remains young and the bookies are still learning themselves.

Moreover, whilst the top players may earn huge amounts of money, they remain close to the fans and e-sports community. That means that those betting on e-sports may actually even be able to chat with the top players online and gain valuable insights.

There are plenty of Esports forums and of course you can watch the different teams and players in action via livestreams and other social media.

As with betting on any sport, the key is information. The more info you have on the players and teams, their form and confidence, even their “fitness”, the better. Equally you must really know the game and if you have played it in great depth yourself, so much the better.

If you know and understand the game as a player, you will be able to get a much better idea of someone else’s skill and ability. If you then watch livestreams and footage of players in action, you may be able to spot something the bookies have missed.

If, for example, one team loses, that may make their odds for their next game go up. However, if you saw their previous match and knew the game well enough to see that it was just bad luck or a small mistake that cost them dear, perhaps those high odds are worth snapping up.

There are loads of resources, both online and offline to help you garner information. Backed with this info, plus a thorough knowledge of the game and helped by free bets and offers, perhaps you could win betting on e-sports. Good luck, as ever!