Black Friday Betting Offers, Free Bets and Enhanced Odds Offers as the bookies pull out all their best Black Friday Offers – 29th November 2019

Black Friday might have been an American invention to increase retail sales, but now that bookmakers in the UK have embraced the concept, we rather like it!

There have been some fantastic Black Friday betting offers in the last year or two, notably some very nice 50/1 enhanced odds offers on the favourites in football matches. And we are hoping for more of the same for the 2019 Black Friday event which takes place on 29th November 2019.

Here we will detail the best Black Friday betting offers, free bets and enhanced odds offers, and we’ll be adding new ones as they materialise so be sure to pop back regularly to see what’s available… especially on Friday itself!

Also, check out our Best Free Bets page for the best welcome offers from the biggest bookies around!

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A Brief History of Black Friday

Like lots of things that permeate society in the UK in the 21st century, Black Friday skipped across the Atlantic from the United States of America. It is the day after Thanksgiving (so the fourth Friday in November) and since the early 1930s it has been regarding as effectively the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. As such, many retailers tend to open early and offer a number of special deals to mark the occasion.

The actual term “Black Friday” appears to date back to the early 1960s in Philadelphia when it was used to describe the day in hellish terms because of the traffic congestion and packed out shops. Others suggest the term originated in reference to retailers turning a profit for the year, that is going “into the black” from an accounting perspective.

Such is the consumerist urge shown by many people and the desperation to get (or be seen to be getting) a bargain, in recent years there have been near riots on Black Friday. Queue jumping, scrums to grab the first/last item at a bargain price and a general disregard for fellow shoppers have resulted in plenty of scuffles, and – in America – even shootings!

For us though, we’ll be staying well away from Toys R Us and the big superstores and instead we’ll be focussing our attentions on the online betting offers that pop up from the best bookies around… so come back regularly and you might land yourself a bargain of a betting offer that could fill your pockets with cold, hard cash instead of a load of pointless discounted gadgets!