Best EU Referendum Betting Odds: 3/1 to Remain or 8/1 to Leave – so whether you want to stay in the EU or you are for Brexit, why not make money from it?

NB – This offer has now closed but you can still claim a free bet and bet on the referendum!

The UK goes to polls on Thrusday 23rd June 2016 in the EU Referendum that will decide whether the country remains in or leave the EU. And – as if it isn’t exciting enough! – Ladbrokes are offering new customers the chance to back one or other outcome at massively enhanced betting odds!

Ladbrokes EU Referendum Betting Offer Enhanced Odds

NB – This offer has now closed but you can still claim a free bet and bet on the referendum!

You can choose to bet on the Great British public opting to Remain in the EU at odds of 3/1 (enhanced from 1/4) or to Leave the EU at 8/1 (boosted from 3/1).

To qualify for the offer you must not already have a Ladbrokes sports betting account. You must then visit them through a link on this page (like THIS ONE). Then simply fill in your details, deposit £10 and bet it on either Leave or Remain BEFORE 14.00 on Thursday 23rd June.

Then, once the votes are counted, if your bet wins you’ll be paid to the standard odds in cash with the remainder paid to you in free bets (which you can use on any sports or politics bets).

If you choose incorrectly you will still have your stake refunded as a free bet… so there’s not too much to risk (at least not as much as the UK is risking by holding the referendum in the first place!).

EU Referendum Betting Odds and Tips

It might seem like the EU Referendum debate has been going on for ages, but it will finally come to a head on Thursday. That’s when the UK populace will head to the polling stations up and down the land to cast their vote. But which way will the public go?

There are numerous arguments to stay in the EU or to leave it, from both the left and the right of politics. Both the Leave campaign and the Remain campaign have seemed to use fear to get people to vote their way: fear of economic Armageddon for Remain, fear of a ‘swarm’ of immigrants for Leave.

Some recent opinion polls have shown there is a narrow gap between Remain and Leave. But – as we saw in the Scottish referendum no so long ago – we feel that the status quo will win the day. When it comes down to it, we feel that the majority of people will accept that, while the EU is far from perfect, the current situation is preferable to the unknown.

The message from most serious politicians, economists, scientists and business leaders that leaving the EU would be a bad idea has gradually seeped through into the public consciousness. And while it is true that there are many people who are afraid of the implications of unfettered immigration, there are more people who are level-headed enough to realise that cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face is not a clever course of action.

So, whatever you’re political views, if you want to make a bit of money from the EU Referendum, we urge you to take the 3/1 odds on the UK to Remain.

Of course, like the vote itself, the choice is up to you…