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Stake Returned Free Bets

Bookmakers that Offer Stake Returned Free Bets

Stake returned freebies are pretty much the best type of free bets you’ll ever get online, offline or on the clothesline (probably just online to be honest) and here we explain what a stake returned free bet is and which betting sites have the decency to offer them.

Obviously the different bookies change their welcome bonuses and free bets from time to time but we’ll keep you informed of any new ones that pop up.

What is a stake returned free bet?

A stake returned free bet is pretty much what it says. A free bet offered by a bookmaker where you get to keep the value of the free bet if your selection wins. Most free bets these days are stake not returned, so a £25 free bet placed at evens returns £25, not £50.

If the freebie was stake returned you’d be looking at £50 and you don’t need to be top of the class to know you can buy more beer/clothes/holidays with £50 than you can with £25.

In the good old days (probably before 2006, give or take) you’d get stake returned free bets with no wagering attached – that is to say you could just bet the free bet once, often at very low odds and all the money was yours to keep.

The bookmakers are a bit meaner these days and so with most stake returned free bets you must wager the value of the free bet a number of times prior to being allowed to withdraw it (or any funds at all in most cases). There are also often minimum odds terms, such that bets placed at very low odds will not count towards the wagering needed to clear the free bet.

Which bookmakers offer stake returned free bets?

Not too many bookmakers offer stake returned free bets these, which is a darn shame from our point of view. For the ones listed below, all carry wagering requirements of some kind before a withdrawal is permitted but as these change from time to time be sure check the exact terms when you sign up or check out our list of the Top 10 Free Bets for some other great offers or see our latest Football Betting Offers page for some great footy promotions.