There are a huge amount of online bookmakers available for you to bet with, including Coral and Ladbrokes to name but two. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, offer different markets and odds and, crucially for punters, have diverse free bets, offers and promotions.

How Bookies Attract Customers

The competition means that the bookies have to struggle to gain new customers and keep the ones they already have happy. That is great news for punters.

In order to grow and gain new customers every bookie offers an enticing sign-up offer. They could be free bets, money back offers or enhanced odds. Each of these have their positives and their drawbacks but used properly each of them can help you to gain some extra valuable profit. Put simply if you stick with just one bookie you are missing out on a wealth of opportunities to add to your betting bank.

As well as trying to gain your custom in the first place, the bookies have to make sure that they keep the customers they already have coming back to bet. They do so by employing similar tactics (enhanced multiples at great odds are a real favourite and sometimes comprise some very good bets) and also by keeping check on the competition so that the odds they are offering remain competitive.

Reasons To Shop Around For Your Bets

If you were only a member of one online betting site and you wanted to place a bet you would be stuck with the odds they are offering, even if they are poor. But, open your options up to include a multitude of bookies and you have greater choice which more often than not will result in greater value. If you carefully consider the options available to you, you can bet with different bookies on the same event – for example in a golf tournament – picking and choosing to get the very best odds on each selection.

Avid horseracing fans have known for a long time that it is important to keep a number of options open when betting. This is because of the difference in the number of each way places that are offered by different bookies. If you watch the big meetings on TV you’ll see some bookies paying three places while others are paying four. Because each way betting is so vital when betting on the horses you’d be mad to limit your options by only sticking to a small number of bookies.

Why Use More Than One Bookie?

Shopping around is important in any competitive marketplace but that is especially true in the world of online betting. Make use of the vast number of online bookies that are out there so you can profit from their odds and special offers.

Each new site you join means a new set of benefits but the most important reasons to join a new site are listed below:

  • Free Bets – each new betting site you join will offer you a free bet, welcome bonus, or enhanced odds offer when you sign up. These can be worth as much as £200 so don’t miss out!
  • Better Odds – one bookie might have a golfer, horse or other selection at odds of 8/1 but another bookmaker might have odds as high as 12/1 or even 14/1. That can make a huge difference if you place bets regularly.
  • Better Betting Offers – as well as the free bet for new customers, online bookies also have a raft of regular ongoing offers and freebies for their existing customers. The more bookies you have accounts with, the more promotions are available to you and they all offer a little extra value to help your profits.